Syllabus : The syllabus for each class under British Curriculum is prepared carefully keeping an eye on the grasping ability of the students and such a syllabus is covered by internationally acknowledged books followed here.  The books followed are those published by internationally known publishers such as Oxford University Press, Longman, Sangam Books etc and such books are followed in many countries all over the world.

The whole volume of work included in a syllabus has been divided into two parts as there are two terminal examinations in an academic year (June to July), namely, Midterm or Half-yearly Examination and Annual Examination.

The syllabus under the Bangladesh National Curriculum is just what is prescribed by the Ministry of Education and the books followed are those supplied by National Curriculum & Textbook Board.



? Subjects taught: To prepare the students of IGCSE O-Level Examinations the following foundation subjects are taught so that they can attain better results and proceed for higher education in any part of the world. They are also taught other additional subjects to keep themselves aware of our native culture.


Foundation subjects Additional subject


Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Social Science (History, Geography, Economics, Commerce,) Accounting , Computer studies


Fine Arts (Drawing)

Religious Studies

General Knowledge

Physical Education