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Principal of BBIS

It is our immense pleasure to inform the respected parents and well-wishers living in the country and outside the country that British Bangladesh International School & College (BBIS) is a prestigious academic institution, located in Madina Market- a well-communicated area in the City of Sylhet.
Starting from Playgroup all the way up to Year 12, BBIS offers students to choose from one of the two Curriculums available. It should be duly noted that the school successfully runs Pearson Edexcel-approved British Curriculum in cooperation with the British Council and the English version of the Government approved National Curriculum. Over about two decades since its inception in 1997, this English Medium School has been grooming kids in a manner that enables them to be well-versed in the subjects included in their syllabus. We also ensure that students are well trained in activities like debate, acting, delivering speeches, singing & recitation. Here at BBIS, we try to ensure that our students grow both academically & morally.
Recently in almost every class in the institution classroom teaching has been arranged through Multimedia and Projector. The Campus is fully under CCTV surveillance to ensure the safety and security of our students.
It can be confidently said that BBIS students are well taught and textbooks are thoroughly covered. The teachers explain the lessons in the class and the knowledge is consolidated through appropriate homework. Moreover, throughout the year extra-curricular activities and sports classes are held for the full-fledged development of the talent of the students. As a result, responsible and knowledgeable guardians send their kids to this institution.
It is a great pleasure for me that I am engaged as the Principal of a prestigious school like BBIS. We the teachers are engaged here to impart good education and I assure the guardians that their kids are in safe hands. My message to all concerned is that sincere efforts are always rewarded with success and honesty always pays.
Thank you and wish you all good health and well-being.