Oath, Prayer & BBIS Poem



I swear by the Almighty that I would always engage myself for the solidarity and sovereignty of my mother land. I will follow the rules and discipline of the institution. I will respect and honor myself, my fellow students, my parents, teachers and the people around.


I also pledge to devote myself to the cause of humanity irrespective of cast, creed, belief and religion.


Finally, I seek the divine blessings to stand for the words I promised.





O Lord, let my life be a candle

Let me dispel darkness,

And may I illuminate wherever I be.

Let my purpose be to help the needy

And to love the afflicted and the distressed

As a flower adorns the garden

So may I adorn my country.

O Lord, may I live like a moth

And like it, adore the candle of knowledge,

My Lord, protect me from evil

And guide me to the right path.

 A poem of love for BBIS.


 BBIS !  BBIS !  My sweet BBIS !

It’s the best school that this city has.

It is British-Bangladesh, as the people commonly call,

For from Britain as well as Bangladesh, students are all.

It’s my school, my sweet heart!

I love it, and with it I can never part.

My teacher is as brilliant as a bright star,

She loves me and teaches with so much care.

My school is as good as my sweet home,

And the teachers are all like my dad and mom.

BBIS !  BBIS ! BBIS ! My beloved school,

I love you so much with my heart full.


“It is a compulsory duty to all Muslim males and females to acquire knowledge”

– Al-Hadith