School Hostel & Bus: The school provides the students with hostel( at present temporarily withdrawn) & transport facilities.


Fees & Facilities:


(a) Hostel: Students availing the hostel facilities will have to pay Tk. 6000/= per head for his / her food & lodging, medi-care (minor), hair-cut, laundry and education care. For going home and visiting relatives etc. (if & when allowed) the guardian will have to pay extra money. But no money will be given to the students; it will be deposited with the hostel super who will maintain individual accounts one for each students.


(b) Transport:  Students willing to avail of the school transport facilities will have to fill in a ‘form’ stating the road and place they are to be picked up from and dropped at. The transport fees may vary around Tk. 1500/- (approx) according to the distance.