With the advancement of modern science and technology the world is growing smaller giving rise to new challenges of life. Therefore an earnest desire to make our younger generation well equipped with modern knowledge to face these new challenges of life, was at the back of establishing this educational institution.


A great number of Sylheti people live in different parts of the world, mostly in Great Britain. Their children back at home living here either permanently or on extended leave, find proper schooling difficult for them. To open a door for them we started imparting education under the British Curriculum directly under the British Council so that right from the Play-group the kids could study up to O-level and A-level and if necessary, could at any level shift to a British school at ease. Moreover some parents want to teach their kids under  Bangladeshi National Curriculum and yet wish that the kids be well up in English in order to be able to shift to U.K. or any western country. So to meet their demand we have also opened the English version of  Bangladeshi National Curriculum so that right from the play-group the kids can study up to S.S.C. under the Education Board and the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh. The medium of instruction here is only English. Thus this institution has been named BRITISH BANGLADESH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL & COLLEGE, because it trains kids under internationally acknowledged curricula and it grooms up kids for admission to higher educational institutions of Bangladesh as well as countries like U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia etc.


It is also observed that the traditional schooling system available at local schools is not sufficient to groom up the students in the proper way. Therefore we have opted for a full-fledged English Medium School. We have accordingly recruited efficient teachers with proper background. Further to facilitate the latest teaching approaches we have also decided to provide our pupils with Audio-Visual facilities along with Information Technology (IT) .


In brief, we prepare our students in a way that they find the door of education open for them all over the world.



“Read in the name of your Lord and Cherisher who created you”

– Holy Quran