Massage from Executive Director

British Bangladesh International School & CollegeMassage from Executive Director

Message from

Md. Kawsar Jahan Koysor

Executive Director, Board of Directors of BBIS

Today on this occasion of renovating the web-site of British Bangladesh International School & College, I feel a great pleasure and pride in being involved with such a marvelous institution. Back in 1997 we a pack of young, innovating and altruistic people felt the urge to do something for our people in the education sector and we set up this school. Since then we have spent a lot of our own hard-earned money after this institution and given much of our time and energy to rear it up. This effort of ours has been a tremendous success, so that many batches of graduates have passed out with brilliant results at 0-level and A-level and many of our products are now posted in responsible positions at home and abroad. Indeed BBIS is a leading English Medium school in Sylhet region renowned for good education.

I thank and congratulate all the teachers and members of the staff for for their hard work and I also thank the guardians of our students for putting their kids in this school. I also have my best wishes for all our past and present students.

Finally to all who are involved with BBIS my message is that let us from everyone’s own position try our best for the institution and if we do so inshallah more success and fame will come our way.