Message from Chairman

Message from

Professor Dr. M. A. Matin

Chairman of the Board of Directors of BBIS

It is a great pleasure to watch that our dream with regard to this seat of learning, British Bangladesh International School & College, is being gradually materialised. Having been established

in 1997, the school has excelled in many ways. Many students have passed out with brilliant results at 0-level, A-level and S.S.C.(English version) from this school and are now placed in important positions at home and abroad. While according warm reception to students coming out with flying colors, batch after batch, I myself and my colleages in the Board of Directors have felt an immense pleasure and have had a realization that spending our hard earned money after the school and our labor put in for it have been really worthwhile.

Indeed over the years BBIS is gradually rising to the stature of an institution that imparts world-class education. Logistically also it has gone ahead a great deal. In the year 2010 the school moved to its own campus built on a plot of land spacious enough to provide a big building and a wide play-ground. It is a pleasure to note that this year we completed the 3rd floor of the building.

Today therefore on the occasion of renovating this web-site of BBIS, I on behalf of the Board of Directors congratulate all the teachers and members of the staff for their hard work and convey our love and affection to our past and present students. I also congratulate the guardians of our students on the success of their kids. Above all I thank Allah (swt) for giving us the tawfiq to serve the people and the nation through this institution.